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Sandstone production line site construction should pay atten

The choice of the site of the gravel production line: the size of the site is selected according to the amount of equipment placed. If there is too much equipment, the large site should be used for material crushing production. The site is first hardened, and various mechanical equipment is poured into the concrete foundation. The location, size and height of the foundation shall be determined according to the equipment and installation drawings. The installation drawings shall be strictly followed, and the designers shall be continuously communicated in real time.
        Construction of sandstone production line site: The layout of sandstone production line site includes: layout of main equipment and related buildings (including material storage, production workshop, layout of finished product warehouse), auxiliary equipment and layout of its buildings (including transformers, spare parts) Library, laboratory, pump room, etc., office, living area layout (factory office and staff rest), should improve the layout of each part, in order to facilitate the production of subsequent production lines.
         Spatial layout of sand and gravel production line: At present, the sandstone production line construction industry is popular in the form of cross layout. The sandstone equipment at all levels is well matched and the rigorous space cross layout can save a lot of space layout of sand and gravel production line. The production line configuration is scientific and reasonable, reducing unnecessary Device configuration.
         Geographical environment around the construction of sand and gravel production line: The installation position of sand and gravel production line should be firm. The site should avoid construction under faults, landslides and flood levels. Avoid the treatment of bad areas such as dissolved mud, silt, humus, ancient wells or cultural relics. The general requirements for loading are not less than 200kN/mz, and it is not suitable to build factories in the frequent earthquake areas or in the collapsible loess areas above the second level.
        Traffic conditions for sandstone production line construction site: To choose a convenient transportation location, it is better to be close to the sand and gravel yard, which can facilitate the transportation of stone materials, which can greatly save transportation costs.
        Regarding the environmental protection setting of the gravel production line site: To reserve the position of the dust collector on the production line, the distance between the dust equipment should be within the appropriate range, and several dust removal devices should be installed on the belt conveyor belt, which is the equipment on the belt conveyor. Also reserve the location, in order to ensure the environmental protection of the overall production line