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What should I do if the jaw crusher has unstable output?

Jaw crusher is one of the commonly used equipment for crushing ore. Jaw crusher is the first choice for rough processing of ore. It has extraordinary crushing capacity and crushing efficiency. It is also suitable for a wide range of materials and can meet the compressive strength of 320MPa. The following various ores, rocks and other materials. Zhengzhou Future Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. here to remind the users that the jaw crusher is unstable in the process of crushing ore.
Jaw crusher is a mechanical equipment used for the crushing of ore. In the process of crushing ore by jaw crusher, there may be some abnormal conditions, such as the wear of the jaw crusher and the unstable output of the jaw crusher. . Future machinery is here to tell you how to solve the problem if the jaw crusher has unstable production.
If the jaw crusher has unstable production, the user needs to check whether the hardness of the material to be crushed is within the tolerance of the jaw crusher. During the crushing process, the volume of the added material should not exceed the size and hardness of the feed port. Be appropriate. The nature of materials such as ore also has a certain impact on the output of the jaw crusher.
The wear of liners, bearings, jaws and other components also has an impact on the output of the jaw crusher. When the crusher parts wear out, the jaw crusher's working stability will decrease, and the material crushing efficiency will decrease. Therefore, the operator should regularly check the wear of the parts. When the parts are worn out, make timely adjustments or replace the damaged parts of the new jaw crusher.