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Mining machinery maintenance practical small tricks

Problem 1: Maintenance work such as equipment cleaning and lubrication, and regular replacement of consumable parts are not perfect.
Performance: Due to the harsh environment of mining enterprises, large dust, high noise, especially the adverse factors such as climate, the daily maintenance of mining equipment such as crushers is particularly important. However, most mining companies focus on maintenance, equipment is broken before they are disposed of, neglecting the cleaning and lubrication of the equipment during normal operation, not refueling according to the equipment lubrication table or cycle, resulting in increased frictional resistance, accelerated equipment loss, and shortened The equipment maintenance period greatly reduces the service life of the equipment.
Solution: At the time of purchase, the manufacturer is required to provide professional cleaning and lubrication products. Consult and remember the maintenance interval and machine output parameter values ​​in the corresponding environment, and determine the maximum bearing capacity of the machine, and regularly carry out inspection and maintenance.
Question 2: Mine equipment updates are not timely.
Performance: Equipment and equipment level is behind Under the conditions of the contemporary market economy, due to various reasons, the company's funds are insufficient, the management level of management personnel can not keep up with the pace, the training of employees is not valued, the quality of grassroots operators is low, etc., resulting in technical equipment ( The replacement of crushers, sand making machines, etc. is not satisfactory. The aging of old mining equipment is mainly manifested in high energy consumption, low efficiency, high failure and shutdown rate, and high maintenance and repair costs. At present, the aging and backward mining equipment has greatly affected the output of the enterprise and gradually increased the production cost of the enterprise. Therefore, the untimely update of mining equipment is one of the important factors that cause the above effects.
Solution: For machines with fewer parts on the market, machines with high energy consumption and high failure rate, try to choose to give up, because the maintenance and repair costs incurred in the later period are accumulated, it is not cheap, it is better to buy one directly. New machines with high efficiency and low loss. For the technical problems of the operators, special training is carried out on a specific basis for the specific production line. If you can't "understand", you must do "specialization" and better "people do their best."
Question 3: When the machine is idle or not working, there is no “protection measure”.
Performance: Many enterprises do not take maintenance measures such as dustproof, rust-proof, and moisture-proof when the machine is idle or not working, and there is no special care and regular inspection and maintenance. It causes rust and moisture inside the machine parts. This is a very bad machine operating environment. In the long run, the machine is prone to sudden “squeaky” and is not easy to repair. It can be used directly under the “Dangerous Notice”.
Solution: In addition to maintenance and maintenance during daily work, maintenance is also required when the machine is idle. It is very necessary to have a special person to prevent dust, high temperature, cold wave, rain, etc. for your "love machine". The machine is also like the human body. "Frozen three feet is not a cold day", and daily protection measures are very important.
Question 4: Parts “Removing the East Wall and Replenishing the Western Wall”.
Performance: Many companies are accustomed to using the same parts of another machine to "save a field" when a component of a machine fails. In the absence of spare parts in the machine, it is removed from idle or spare equipment, which forms the phenomenon of “removing the east wall to make up the western wall”, which seriously affects the technical state of the equipment, resulting in the idle or spare equipment not being used on the cutting edge.
Solution: Xiaobian reminds the bosses that “rescue the field” work can be temporarily used in case of emergency. But this is by no means a good way to do it for a long time. First, the parts and spare parts of any machine are subjected to running-in and parameter comparison. Other types of parts, in addition to affecting production efficiency, will also cause abnormal wear and consumption on the running machine. It may be "not worth the loss"; second, the parts of the "rescue field" may have different parameters after long-term wear and tear on another machine. At this point, it is possible that it does not coincide with its original "original match". Xiao Bian suggested that when purchasing the machine, there must be spare parts for the main parts. Once the spare parts are "on the battle", it is necessary to replenish the spare parts in time, and try not to let the machine be in the state of "no spare tires on the road".
In the production process of mining enterprises, a large part of them need to be completed by using mechanical equipment. At present, the mechanization degree of mining equipment is continuously improved, and frequent failures have put forward higher requirements for its use, maintenance and maintenance technology. The level of mining equipment management directly affects the completion status and economic benefits of the company's production tasks, and effectively manages mining equipment, which is a favorable guarantee for the steady development of enterprises and the improvement of economic benefits.