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How to deal with the rust of the sand making machine?

Sand making machine is an important equipment for sand production line. Its equipment is good or bad. The working efficiency has a direct impact on the production and quality of sand making. Generally, the sand making machine will appear on the surface of the sand making machine after long-term wind and rain. Rusting, wear and other problems, but not timely treatment will affect the production efficiency of the sand making machine, and even cause serious wear and tear, shorten the service life. Zhengzhou Future Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. summarized the effective methods for removing the corrosion of the sander surface during the long-term production practice:

        1. Apply anti-oxidation paint: Apply mineral oil, paint or fired enamel, spray, etc. on the surface of iron products. A layer of metal that is not easily rusted, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc., is plated on the surface of the steel by electroplating or hot plating. These metal surfaces can form a dense oxide film to prevent iron products from rusting by contact with substances such as water and air. Chemical methods can also be used to form a dense and stable oxide film on the surface of the iron article to prevent rusting of the iron product.
        2. Chemical descaling: The chemical reaction between the acid and the metal oxide is used to remove the rust product on the metal surface of the sand making machine, which is commonly referred to as pickling and rust removal. This method is only suitable for operation in the workshop.
        3. High-pressure water abrasive rust removal: The impact of high-pressure water jet and the action of water raft destroy the corrosion and the adhesion of the coating to the steel plate. The method has no dust pollution, does not damage the steel plate, greatly improves the rust removal efficiency, and has good rust removal quality. However, the steel plate after rust removal is easy to return to rust, and it is necessary to apply a special wet rust-removing paint, which has a great influence on the coating of general performance paint.
        4, small air or electric derusting: powered by electric or compressed air, equipped with appropriate descaling device, reciprocating or rotating motion to meet the rust requirements of various occasions. Such as angular pneumatic needle rust remover, pneumatic rust hammer, tooth type rotary rust remover, polishing machine, wire brush, etc., belonging to semi-mechanical equipment, light weight, high mobility, can completely remove rust , the old coating, etc., can be applied to the coating, but can not achieve high quality surface treatment, and the work efficiency is lower than the spray treatment.

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