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PCL Sand Making Machine

PCL Sand Making Machine

  • Why choosing us? 1 All Welline future machinerys products are produced with Hi-technology. 2 Acomplete quality control system is established to ensure the quality and good performance of the machine. 3 All the machines before delivery will

Why choosing us?  


 All Welline future machinery’s products are produced with Hi-technology.

2 A complete quality control system is established to ensure the quality and good   performance of the machine.

3 All the machines before delivery will do the quality test and commissioning.

4 Delivery is in strict accordance with the contract.

5 Professional engineers to do the installation abroad.

6 Good after-sales and longer warranty-15 months. Because we have confidence in our    products.

Product Description

PCL sand making machine is widely used in crushing of metal and non-metal or cement, refractory material, bauxite, quartz, glass raw material, building aggregate, artificial sandy soil and all sorts of metallurgy slag, especially for middle hardness and special hardness material. It has the most advantages than other type crushers.

Working Principle

riverstone sand making machine price/ pebble sand makin machine price/basalt sand making machine price  working principle


The material enters into crusher through material entered bucket, the material is divided into two parts thought material distribution device, parts of the material enter into high speed rotated impeller through the middle of the material distribution device and are fast accelerated inside the impeller, their speed can reach one hundred times acceleration of gravity, and then are cast out through around flow ways of the impeller by 60-70m/s, firstly are impulses and crushed with partial materials freely fallen from around material distribution device and then they are impulsed into vortex lining layer in vortex crushing cavity and rebounded by material lining layer and up to the top of the vortex crushing cavity and then changed their moving direction and are turned down towards and formed material continuous screen with materials emitted form impeller’s flow ways .so, a piece of material has twice to many times probability to be impulsed ,rubbed crushed and milled in the vortex crushing cavity, the broken materials are discharged through discharge outlet at the bottom and formed into closed route through circulating sieve system, generally three times circulation can crush the materials under 4.75mm,the clever air self circulation in the vortex cavity eliminates dust pollution 

Technical Data
Model Impeller speed(r/min) Best feed size(mm) Production capacity(t/h) Power(Kw) Weight Dimension(mm)
PCL600 2000-3000 30 12-30 2x30 5.6 2800x1550x2030
PCL750 1500-2500 35 25-55 2x45 7.3 3300x1800x2440
PCL900 1200-2000 40 55-100 2x(55-90) 12.1 3750x2120x2660
PCL1050 1000-1700 45 100-160 2x(90-110) 16.9 4480x2450x2906
PCL1250 850-1450 45 160-300 2x(132-185) 22 4563x2650x3176
PCL1350 800-1193 50 200-360 2x(185-220) 26 5340x2940x3650